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Body Worship Erotica

Below is a collection of Body Worship Erotica for your perusing pleasure.


And that’s how Heather turned me into a body worshipper, her body worshipper. Continue reading I Want to Kiss You All Over.

Femdom Queening. There are very many erotic acts and kink play, which are synonymous with Femdom and all forms of female domination – foot worship, body worship, discipline whipping, orgasm denial and cock control, to name a few. Read What is Femdom Queening? to learn more.

There are many things men do daily – without realizing so – that are physical acts of service, in the realm of body worship, to women. If you’ve ever kissed a woman’s neck, rubbed her shoulders and back to help her relax, held her feet in your lap, and given her a foot and leg rub, congratulations. Read How to Worship your Mistress’s Body to learn more.

Why do I Enjoy Submissive Body Worship? This is often a topic of discussion in my world, and what is the difference between body worship and submissive body worship. Read Why do I Enjoy Submissive Body Worship? to learn more.

A Guide and a Game Plan To Best Worship Your Goddess is crucial to your Submissive Journey  Have you ever asked yourself – How Can I Worship My Goddess? If so, then this article is a MUST read for you! Read How Can I Worship My Goddess? to learn more.

You may not have an ass worship fetish, but if you are a submissive, know that barring hard boundaries discussed at the time of your commitment to servitude, you must be prepared to entertain, honor, and obey your Mistress in all things. Depending on the Mistress, this will likely include the worship of Her ass. Read Ass Worship: A How-To For Submissives to learn more.

What is Femdom Body worship you ask? Well, if you are versed in body worship, you know that in the BDSM world, Femdom Mistresses Rule Supreme. We love obedience, devotion, admiration and worship. Read What is Femdom Body Worship? to learn more.

You would think Foot Worship would be self-explanatory, but still the question is asked: What IS Foot Worship and how is it a part of Body Worship? Let me answer that for you. Read What is Foot Worship? to learn more.

According to a few erotica texts, Body worship is the act of sexual engagement that is more restrained, involved and euphoric. Body worship is any practice of physically revering a part of another person’s body, and is usually done as a submissive act in the context of BDSM. Read Body Worship Definition to learn more.

You love everything about a woman’s body; her hands, her feet, her breasts, her ass- there isn’t a part you don’t love. You probably have a body worship fetish. Read What is Body Worship? to learn more.

Do you find a woman’s body incredibly sexy and the thought of exploring every inch of the body a major turn on? If so, you’ll want to read our Beginner’s Guide to Body Worship.

Do you want to worship her beautiful body but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are 10 ways to Worship Her Body to start you off right.

Femdom body worship isn’t something I ever really thought about or knew much about, until I met my Goddess and then it was all I wanted to do. If you aren’t a man who has experienced this kind of beauty you are truly missing out. Learn more about Worshiping a Femdom Goddess.

Do you enjoy licking and worshiping her sweet pussy and ass, especially when she orders you to do it? If so, you should read the Beginner’s Guide to Oral Servitude.

Queening is a particular style of pussy and ass worship that is popular in D/s play. Sound like fun? Read all about it in What is Queening?

Nothing gets your dick harder than appreciating a sexy ass. You’re an ass man and you know it. Read about all the ways you can worship her sexy ass.

Ever consider bathing your lover or Mistress to show them how much you adore her sexy body? No? Then you definitely should try it! You will love it and they will thank you for it. Learn how to worship her body by bathing it.

As a femdom Mistress, I especially delight in acts of body worship; by which I mean I am a Femdom who Loves body worship! I believe that a man’s only purpose is to please me and by pleasing me he will derive his pleasure from this service. I am a very gorgeous businesswoman; thus, I radiate a dominant nature at all times, even without trying. I have trained my very special male submissive to become an expert at orally pleasing his femdom Mistress. Read Femdom Loves Body Worship for more!

Do you appreciate fine breasts? Does your wife or girlfriend have breasts that you could spend hours kissing, licking, and sucking? If so, you have a breast worship fetish. Read more about how to worship them in our Breast Worship Guide.

If you want to show her how much you appreciate her sexy body while relaxing her and putting her in the mood for a little erotic fun at the same time, you’ll want to read the Art of Sensual Massage.

Is there a difference between erotic body worship and submissive body worship? read Erotic Body Worship versus Submissive Body Worship and decide for yourself.

Do you feel like something is missing when it comes to making love with your spouse? Like it’s a routine you can perform by rote? Put some spark back into your sex life with Body Worship for Married Couples.

Tantric massage can be an amazing sexual experience but it also has physical and spiritual benefits unrelated to sex. Read more about it in What is Tantric Body Worship?

Women are feminine, sexy, Goddesses who deserve to be worshiped. In this body worship story, Jake tells all about how he enjoys Worshiping My Goddess Molly.

Does the thought of being submissive and having a woman tell you exactly which body part gets worshiped and exactly how to do it? If so, then Femdom body worship may be for you. Read Femdom Body Worship to find out for sure.

Still not sure you have what it takes to be a submissive? Read Submission and Body Worship to learn more about it.

Do female bodybuilders and fitness competitors turn you on? If so, you may have a muscle worship fetish. Learn all about this niche fetish in What is Muscle Worship?

Do you love a nice pair of legs and pretty feet? Do you enjoy showing your partner how much you adore her sexy legs and feet? You’ll want to read the Player’s Guide to Leg and Foot Worship to learn the tricks of the trade.

Don’t forget to worship her hands and arms. They are packed with nerve endings and little known erogenous zones that when touched just right will send shivers down her spine! Read more about why Hands and Arms Need Worshiped too.

Body worship is all about pleasing your Mistress. Learn How to Properly Worship Your Mistress.


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