Hand Worship: Hands and Arms Need to Be Worshiped, Too


This is Emma’s story of hand worship and arm worship.

A bowling alley is a magical thing filled with magical sights and sounds:balls rolling, pins dropping, folks laughing, beer bottles opening, feet sliding on shiny floors. And women. All shapes, sizes and kinds of women, if you get what I mean.

My name is Terry. I live in El Cajon, about a half-hour drive east of San Diego. I manage the East Valley Bowl on Main St., been in charge now for about four years. It’s the perfect gig for me cause I love to bowl and I love women. East Valley Bowl hosts the women’s bowling league six days a week, so there you go. I can’t complain about nothing.

I’ve got my personal favorites of course, “Molly’s Marauders”on Tuesday, they’re in the senior section, lots of spunk. And the “Put a Ring on it Girls,” a sassy group of hotties that are newly marrieds. But the one close to my heart is Emma, thirty-something, brunette, always smiling, always having a good time and cheering on her team. And always, always, wearing a sweater low enough to get a fantastic look at her tits when she bowls.

It’s a day-long hard-on time for me when she takes the lanes. And I admit sometimes at the end of the day all that Emma boobie-action has me hitting the men’s room at break time and taking care of business. Which is exactly what happened the day I literally ran into Emma on my way out of the bathroom after I’d just finished jerking off.

“Oh, sorry,” I said as a jumped back from almost hitting her.

“No worries,” she answered, extending her hand. “You’re the manager guy here, right? I’m Emma.”

Talk about awkward. I mean I did wash my hands after I jerked myself off, but still. I was about to touch the hand of the woman who got me whacking my weenie in the first place.That’s some crazy ass stuff.

“I’m Terry. Terry Price.”

We shook hands and I thought to myself, here’s your opening dude, go for it.

“Do you do coffee,” I asked.

She looked at me, scrunched up her face like what-the-fuck-did-you-just-ask me?

“Do I do coffee? What are you, from L.A. or something?” She smiled. “Sure, coffee sounds great.”



Coffee and Cleavage


Two weeks later we hit the local strip mall for a little latte fun. And of course, when she arrived she was wearing another low cut sweater that basically shouted “hot, fresh, big nipples, come and get them.”

We spent the first hour talking. First it was like the dumb small talk shit when you kind of find each other hot, but want to be polite and be interested in what each other are saying anyway. And then it took a turn, you know, for the positive.

We started talking about the stuff that mattered like past relationships, our families, what we wanted to do with our lives. By that point I was pretty convinced for me at least, she was the complete package, and I hadn’t found that for a long time.

So I thought it was pretty cool that she invited me back to her place to hang out a little bit more before we both had to get to previous engagements we had scheduled.


Breast Worship, Hand Worship, and Arm Worship


Guys don’t like to waste any time, so the minute Emma sat down on the couch next to me, my hands were all over those titties.

She jumped up from the couch, screaming. “I thought you were different! But you’re not! Boobs! Bobs! Boobs! That’s all it’s about! Boobs!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I said, not wanting to blow it.

She grabbed my arm, pulled me up from the couch. “In here!”

Emma dragged me into her bedroom, sat me onto the bed. “Take off your shirt and lay down.” “What’s wrong with hand worship or arm worship,” she said, “hands and arms need to be worshiped too.”

And that’s when she gave me the most sensual, stimulating, dick-hardening hand worship and arm worship experience I’ve ever had in my life. I got it. I totally got it. So then it was time for hers.

She took off her blouse leaving on her bra and I worshiped every inch of her north of her belt line except her breasts. I didn’t even brush against them. I licked and kissed along the run of her arm and up and under into her armpit.

I sucked and licked her fingers one at a time and massaged her hands. She moaned with pleasure as my cock got hard feeling the soft tingle of her skin.

It was the most amazing, sexy hot coffee date in my life.

And it was not our last. Emma and I have been together five years now and I regularly perform hand worship and arm worship along with worshiping her entire sexy body!