A Player’s Leg and Foot Worship Guide


Whaddup, leg and foot worship slaves?!

I’ll bet it’s a prime time Saturday night and you are fucking home all alone with no place to go and no fucking date. Am I right? Yep, I feel you dude, cause that was me until I got my act together and did a little research.

I’ve always had a thing for a woman’s legs and feet and on most of my dates, well when I’d open up about it, it kind of freaked the women out. Now back in the day, I didn’t know what I was doing with the ladies really. I didn’t know how to back my statement up. But now, I’m the master of the massage, the leader of the lick and the sultan of suck when it comes to toes and feet. I have no problem at all now getting a date, or a second one or a third one for that matter.

I’m not into being greedy when it comes to the ladies, so I’m here to help out. Here’s my personal guide to leg and foot worship. If you follow the rules, you’ll have so many women you won’t know what to do with them. So thank me later and get started now.


Leg and Foot Worship: Toes, Baby, Toes


You are probably thinking what, like toes are actually going to get me anywhere with a chick? Right man. But they do! Seriously! And knowing the right way to worship her toes will make you the man. The ladies with the greatest will flock to you, dude. So listen up

Grab a bottle of foot massage oil. You might as well get the kind that tastes good and smells good because you will be sniffing, kissing and licking those feet as the foot and toe worshiping continues. Jump right in by softly massaging the rounds of her toes, stroke the sides, gently pulling her toe tips and squeezing them.

Oil up again and slide your fingers in between the webs of her toes while putting pressure on them. She should be making that it-feels-so-good moan by now and if she isn’t, it’s time to step up your game by slow kissing those toes one at a time, I said slowly now, every single one!

Next, worship her with a little toe swallow. That’s right. Put one toe in your mouth, maybe two. Gently suck them and nibble them. Let your tongue tickle her tootsies for as long as she can take it.

Once you’ve worshiped those toes by massaging them, licking, sucking, and kissing them, you may want to treat her to some unique sensual stimulation like— whip cream! Just open up a tub of Cool Whip and dip in! How’s that for a creamy finish?



The Sole of the Foot


The bottom of a woman’s foot is one of the most sensual places on her body, seriously. That makes it one of the sexual hot spots for body worship. So massage it often and massage it well. That doesn’t mean squish it or knead it like it’s bread. What will score you points is gentle pressure over the ball of her foot with your thumb and slow finger glides.

The arch of her foot is another uber-sensitive area, so no better place to start with a flutter of soft kisses, up and down the underside. It will tickle her for sure, but it will get her super wet too, so don’t stop your worshiping there, move those kisses up her foot, around her ankle and onto her legs.


Long, Lean and Luxurious


Worshiping a woman’s legs the right way wins you the keys to the kingdom, man. I’m saying the boobie prize and the pussy prize! Most guys skip right on by those sexy, lean, jean-wearing machines, so if you spend time on her legs, she’ll give you a hall pass you to any point on her body!

So back to the kisses, fill the inside and outside of her leg with them. Sweet, wet ones that tickle and tingle at the same time. Massage her legs by wrapping your hands around her calves and gently pressuring your fingers against her skin. Vary the intensity of your fingers and hands. Lightly massage the spot behind her knees or at the highest point of her thigh, where you fingers or your lips can sneak a taste of her pussy.

Massage the crease of her leg where it meets the bottom of her ass, and stroke just inside with your fingers. She’ll feel like horny putty in your hands.h

So there it is, my tricks-of-the-trade guide to leg and foot worship that will land you with the biggest hook-up list on the planet. Just remember to worship them right, worship them often and you’ll never be alone.