How to Worship Your Mistress’s Body

by Ms. Willow of

There are many things men do daily – without realizing so – that are physical acts of service, in the realm of body worship, to women. If you’ve ever kissed a woman’s neck, rubbed her shoulders and back to help her relax, held her feet in your lap, and given her a foot and leg rub, congratulations.

You’ve been doing tiny acts of service akin to body worship, without even knowing it. Mistress body worship is not rocket science, the goal is a simple one: You want to make her feel good; you want to show by action, your appreciation of her by worshiping her physique; you want to submit to her. So now that we’ve established your desire to physically serve, let’s discuss the how, and what, and why.

Ask Her How She Likes Her Body Worshiped


Absolving yourself of any hubris, is essentially the first thing you need to scrub. Pride and ignorance are pesky afflictions, when learning how to pleasure a woman physically. So the first thing you need to do, is to throw away the idea that you know how to please a woman. Any woman.

Because no matter how well versed you think you are with a woman’s body and what she needs, if she has not verbally and physically expressed, and responded to, what she needs, and what feels good – you, do not.

Please don’t be frustrated by the realization that you don’t know what a woman wants, or how she likes to be touched. It’s a common mistake many men make, thinking that what works for one woman, will work for all. And thinking that something they saw in a movie – where actors are being paid to act like they love what’s being done to them – is going to work in the real world.

Failure to understand the above stated, will lead to failure in body worship. And touching a woman the wrong way, and ignoring any verbal or physical directions, will lead to you not being allowed to touch her again.

Learning the Art of Body Worship


Listening skills are the very first place you will learn how to worship. Touching when permitted, where permitted, and how… permitted. Some women love neck kisses, and the tracing of fingertips along their spine. Others may be too ticklish for such light touches. And of course, there are parts of a woman’s body she may not like being touched.

Asking questions of your mistress, and finding out what she enjoys, is going to save you a lot of headache, and will also save you from being banished for foolish behavior. So rule number one is listen, or maybe that should be rule number two, because the first rule, is always consent.

First two rules aside, I think it bears repeating that there is technically no wrong road to body worship, as there are so many ways to worship a mistress’ body. If you are someone with a foot fetish, it would behoove you to find a mistress who enjoys foot worship. Kind of like you would not go to an ice cream parlour, for a seafood dinner.

You want to also make sure that both you and your mistress have in common, the fetishes and kinks that interest you, and if you’re into body worship, then it is important to find out if that is something she likes, and what kind of body worship she likes.

Body Worship Recap


We’ve covered, listening, consent, learning how to please your mistress, making sure you have these things in common. So what do you do, if you encounter a situation with a dominatrix who enjoys body worship, but has not specified any particular kind? If you’re allowed to use your mouth and hands, go slowly.

Start with slow touches, kisses, licks, pay attention to her breathing, being in tune with her body, and follow her lead. If a woman likes what you’re doing, she will usually let you continue, and be very vocal in one way or another. Which leads us to oral servitude.

You cannot discuss body worship, without including the most intimate parts of a woman. As stated in the last paragraph, if allowed to use your tongue, start slow. If you are licking her pussy, avoid just jamming your tongue into her clit and wiggling it around.

If you’re using your hands to pleasure her pussy, avoid rubbing like your sandpapering a block of wood. I don’t care what you’ve seen in porn, no woman I know wants to be handled so roughly, in such a delicate place. If you are an ass worshiper, and your mistress likes her ass worshiped with your tongue, you’ve got a little more wiggle room – pun intended – when your face is buried between her ass cheeks. So if mistress is sitting on your face, make sure you do all those lip and tongue exercises, so that you can lick, and kiss her delicious anus and cheeks, for as long as she wants.

Just remember, body worship is about the Mistresses pleasure. Keep that in mind, no matter what type of body worship you are involved in, and you will ensure being kept as a devoted pet, and keeping your Mistress very happy.