What is Ass Worship?


Mmm, ass worship. Everyone loves a good ass, right? There is nothing better than a woman with jiggle-in-her-wiggle and junk-in-her-trunk.

Tight fitting jeans were made for them. Thong bikinis make them open and easy to appreciate. Consequently, it isn’t much of a leap to go from ass appreciator to ass worshiper.


The Definition of Ass Worship


What is ass worshiping? Ass worship is a sub-culture of body worship, a fetish culture of individuals who derive pleasure and sexual arousal from revering and hyper-appreciating a person’s body. Ass worshipers focus, obviously, on a person’s ass —its size, shape, color, texture, and include the worship and appreciation of the entire rectal area.

Ass worship techniques may include washing them, massaging them, spanking them, slapping them, pinching them, licking them and fucking them.


Anilingus or Analingus


A related technique of ass worship is anilingus, or anal-oral sex, which is a form of oral sex involving contact between the anus or perineum of one person and the mouth (lips) or tongue of another.

Slang terms frequently used are rimming or rim-job. It can be performed by people of all sexual orientations, and depending upon the context in which it’s performed it may be used for personal pleasure, or as a form of erotic humiliation.

 Prepping for Ass Worship


Regardless of the technique you use in your ass-worship play, cleanliness is an issue. Even more of a issue with anilingus than with traditional oral sex.

Make it a part of the ass worship by taking a sexy bath or shower together and washing your partner’s ass area squeaky clean. A bath or shower is a relaxing form of foreplay too. You should soap your partner’s butt and asshole, inserting a finger into the rectum, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Ass Worship Techniques


As in other body worshiping situations, worship play may be a completely sensual, adventurous experience, or it may be one with submissive elements to it; where permission is asked to touch, lick, finger fuck or penis penetrate. The play you choose is entirely up to you and your partner and should be one to pleasure you both.

Start by easing in. Anal arousal and ass worship can be something a person does not usually allow herself to open up to. Guide you partner to relax and get comfortable. Enjoy the exquisiteness that is your partner’s ass. Massage her back.

Slide your hands over her buttocks. Splash on some oil or lubricant that gets warm when stimulated. Kiss and caress her legs, thighs and ass cheeks. Spread her cheeks and blow warm breaths over her asshole. Repeat this ease-in worship and reverence for a while until you are ready to move on.

Look at her ass. You are in awe of her sexy pads of flesh. It’s time to lick, suck, and nibble her lovely asshole. Slowly caress her hole with your tongue, don’t slam it into her rectum right away, that’s not worshiping!

Lick and suck her butt, the perineum (the area of skin between the asshole and genitals), and the skin around the pucker of her ass. The anal region is full of sensitive nerve endings ready for your tongue’s caress. Get it warm, wet, and lubricated with saliva.

After a bit of gentle tongue probing, her sphincter muscles should relax and welcome your deeper worship. Keep your mouth moist and supple as you work her hole with your tongue. Work it in and out, around and around, till your worshiped partner groans for more.


Ass Worship Positions


Lying down is the most natural position for most people for ass worship. This position allows you to massage, spank, slap, and eat out your worshiped-one’s ass. Just roll her onto her stomach, start your worship by massaging her cheeks or licking the small of her back.

Laying down on the bed with your head laying back over the edge of the mattress or raised on a pillow allows you to spank, slap, knead or lick and tongue fuck her asshole up close. You can have her back up and squat down onto your face or she can lie across your body, an especially good position if lots of anilingus is your thing.

The standing position also allows for many worshiping techniques. You can crouch or stand behind her, giving you easy access to flog, massage, or separate her cheeks for hole worship.




Spanking is an expanded technique where ass worshipers paddle to please their worshiped ones. Contrary to popular belief, spanking is not always done as a form of punishment from a dominant to a submissive. Some dominants enjoy ordering their submissives to spank them in a way that pleases them.

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