Goddess Worship: How Can I Worship My Goddess?

by Mistress Alina of www.bodyworship101.com

Goddess Worship: A Guide and a Game Plan To Best Worship Your Goddess is crucial to your Submissive Journey

  Have you ever asked yourself – How Can I Worship My Goddess? If so, then this article is a MUST read for you!

Goddess worship and Femdom Body Worship should be one of a submissive first stop in his or her quest. This Relationship of Servitude and Devotion, Of worship and reverence is one of the most INTENSE and IMPORTANT in a submissive lifestyle. A well crafted and orchestrated relationship and Femdom Goddess Worship will give you ways to focus and foster a better balance in your daily life.

So let us help you format a lifelong plan and Make sure you truly know all the answers to one of the most important part of your Femomme/Submissive interaction – Goddess Worship – How Can You Worship Your Goddess?

Goddess Worship: How Can I Worship My Goddess – Make an Offer(ing)


Resources, Time Table, Plans and Budget 

If you are a new submissive, Welcome! You are in the BEST place to find the highest quality, experienced., smart and accomplished Lifestyle Mistress system on the planet.

We know this can be a bit overwhelming, especially if, as a new submissive, you feel overwhelmed by the presence of such High Caliber Femdommes, but do not worry, we will help you achieve all your submissive goals, and ease you into this lifestyle with great care.

In order for you to put the best foot forward in terms of serving your Femdom Goddess it’s essential that:

  • You take time to fill our Mistress Recommendation form, (even if you have extensive experience with kink, domination, submission femdom and Mistress relationships). Doing so   will give your potential Mistress and yourself a great foundation and starting point to build your session on.
  • Book your initial call or skype texting session (we can view you on cam as well if you wish to SHOW your devotion and servitude.
  • Be as honest as you can on your first sessions but if you take a bit to open up that’s okay!
  • As you go along map out your session goals and long term goals. Discuss your interests, intended path of exploration, kink diversity and long term goals.
  • Get to know your Goddess. REALLY get to know her as much as you can, and see what HER views and worship preferences are.
  • Femdom Goddesses LOVE to be spoiled and from Amazon wish lists to virtual bouquets, show your devotion as often as you like, and create a true strong bond of servitude and appreciation for your Goddess.
  • Your Goddess can create custom audious for you as well for you continuing conditioning between sessions, make sure you use this option to benefit your worship journey.


Goddesses Are Made For Worship You Were Made To Serve 


What are your preferred and best areas of servitude? This will mean what format, frequency and servitude styles work best for you. From Femdom Body Worship, to tease and denial, Chastity, strict to sensual, conditioning, ongoing training for sissies and submissives, and endless variations of role plays to help you with your journey are readily available to you.

From Body Worship, Humiliation Play, Faminization, Worship training sessions and boot camps, there are countless of ways to facilitate all your worship goals. Each Goddess is different, of course, so you are welcome to engage in sessions with several Mistresses at any given time to diversify your worship and submission servitude.

A Femdom Goddess is A Celestial Entity Made Flash


Goddess Worship: Worship Her Body To Connect With The Divine 

No matter your sexual orientation, you know that Females, and Especially Femdon Goddess, Reign Supreme. You are in the presence of Celestial Divine Entities made flash for you to worship, and revering our bodies with Foot and leg worship, , Ass and Vaginal devotions, pleasuring us in any way you can, is of critical importance.

Here is a glance at what you can do to elevate your Goddess Worship Game:

  • Connect with Your Goddess On a Regular Basis
  • Offer servitude and Devotion with gifts and offerings
  • Dedicate each session to one area of servitude
  • Create As many ways as possible to make your Goddess life better
  • ReAffirm your devotion on a regular basis

I hope you found the above article helpful in guiding you to a path of great and sublime servitude and worship pleasures. We are very excited to own you and take you to levels of ecstasy and transcendence you never imagined and so deeply need.