Breast Worship Guide


Here’s why you need a breast worship guide: Bosoms are magnificent and deserve to be worshiped! The delicious round orbs of fleshy loveliness make blouses, bikinis, low cut dresses and tight-fitting sweaters look like works of fine art. From the perky ones with the big nipples to the double-d size ones with rosy pink areolas, breasts are beautiful mounds of suck-able, squeezable and squish-able pleasure.

Breast worship has been around a long time, as long as women have had boobs, right? Seriously, some historians believe the fetish of breast worship may date back all the way to the Neolithic era, to the goddess shrines of Catal Huyuk (a location in modern day Turkey).

Body worship is defined as any practice of physically revering a part of another person’s body. Breast worship, mastofact, breast partialism, or mazophilia, is the sub-club of body worship where people have a pronounced sexual interest in breasts. Breast worshipers practice their fetish in the privacy of their own homes. Others go to fetish clubs. Even others worship breasts as an element of their bondage, S/M fetish, where breast worship may include submissive posturing and erotic humiliation.

So lift up that t-shirt or unhook that bra and get started on a step-by-step guide to the proper worshiping of breasts:


Beast Worship: Feel Them


This is the simplest place to start when beginning your breast worship session. You may use oil, body butter, lotion or nothing at all. Cup your hand around the breast, letting it rest in your palm. Let the weight tingle your fingers. Squeeze the breast gently. Appreciate the softness of the flesh. Let your hand caress the nipple and stay there before moving on.

Feel them one at a time or as a pair. Jiggle them with both hands, or massage them in swirls with your fingertips. Remember, this is an exercise of body worship and reverence, so let your fingers feel and completely enjoy every centimeter of those intoxicating bosoms.



Suck and Lick Them


Breasts are so delectable that wanting to suck and lick those bodacious body melons is an automatic response. So do it!

Suck them old school, wrapping your lips around the nipple and sucking like a hungry baby. Tongue the round of her areola. Suck the side of her tit, too. Squeeze her breasts while you tug on her nipple with your teeth. Stuff as much of it as you can in your mouth and suck, flick her nipple with your tongue.


Tie Them


A woman’s breast is meant to be worshiped a multitude of ways. Tying them up is one of them. Here is how a traditional breast harness or “Shinju” is made:

You’ll need a piece of hemp (preferred) rope, approximately ten feet or more. Start by locating the middle of the rope. Place your finger on your partner’s spine at about the level of the bottom of her breasts. Hold the center of the rope there and pass it around your partner’s torso. Come all the way around and put the ends of the rope through the loop, then bring one side up over each shoulder.

You’ll now have a piece of rope going around your partner just below her breasts and two pieces of rope hanging over her shoulders. Run the two ends of the rope beneath the part of the rope passing under her breasts and bring them up over her shoulders again.

Now you’ll have two pieces of rope hanging down your partner’s back. Take them both in your hand. Put your finger on your partner’s spine, at a level just above the top of her breasts. Pull both pieces of rope together around her body above her breasts. Loop them through the loop you made with your finger.

Take the two pieces of rope that are hanging down and pass them under the lower piece of rope that goes around your partner’s torso. Then wrap the ends of the rope around and around.

You can use the ends of the rope hanging down your partner’s back to tie her arms behind her back, causing her to arch her back and pop-out her tits. Or wrap the ends of the rope around both the upper and lower parts around her torso, causing the rope to squeeze together, stimulating her breasts.


Fuck Them


Nothing says breast worship more than your dick stuffed in between her perfect fleshy mounds.

Lube is a must. The flavored, get hot kind can be a good start up. Pour the sweet stuff over her nipples, in-between her breasts and on your dick. Her nipples will get hard and hot when you suck and blow on them. Stroke your cock and that friction will begin the heating process, so by the time you slip your rod in-between her tits, it feels like a warm, cozy sex blanket.

Any technique you choose for breast worship, just remember to respect and worship those beautiful boobies as often as possible!


Are you ready to have a breast worship session with one of our body worship mistresses?