Body Worship Definition

by Ms. Alina of

Body Worship Definition :

According to a few erotica textss, Body worship is the act of sexual engagement that is more restrained, involved and euphoric.

Body worship is any practice of physically revering a part of another person’s body, and is usually done as a submissive act in the context of BDSM.

Here amongst us Mistresses of BodyWorship101 universe, we welcome and teach many  kinds of body worship. A few examples are :  Vaginal Worship, Breasts Worship,  Buttocks, Legs and Foot Worship, and all forms of Feminine Goddess Worship. When you as a submissive, choose body worship of your goddess your servitude and devotion, you may focus on one area in particular, or several.

You must pay attention to every intricacies of satisfying your Goddess in a completely selfless act, adoring and worshiping Her, and bringing your Goddess to sublime satisfaction should be your  ultimate goal and reward.


Your Goddesses Body Is Your Temple


Your Goddesses Body Is Your Temple – And what a mesmerizing, enticing temple it is. The sloping line from her graceful neck to her shoulders, the curve or her breasts and dipping of her waist, her long legs and clandestine stride towards you. You cannot help yourself but fall at her feet and worship all that she is. Your main priority is Your Goddess Pleasure, and worshipping her body with all it’s intricacies and mysteries will indeed give you great euphoric delights!

And just like in any form of Worship, Femdom Body Worship has its charter and rituals, but those are most emphatically part and parcel of BDSM play, which gives this practice a rewarding transformative reverence and unique intimacies. Your offerings and methods of body worship depends on the situation and your Goddess preference and allowances. All body worship practices share one absolute commonality – it is an act of servitude, devotion and admiration offered by a submissive to his Mistress, showing the outmost respect and deference to each body part and her complete physicality as a whole.

Body Worship Areas To Explore 


  • Foot Worship – one of the most common area of body worship and a great place to start showing your commitment to physical servitude. You can also find the extra focus on your submissive and your Mistress Superiority by worshiping her feet as you kneel down before her. You may use your mouth, tongue, fingers and apply oil to massage and worship your goddess feet.  If you have a shoe fetish it may be combined with this area of foot worship.
  • Leg Worship  can be easily combined with foot worship, and you may use massage lotions and oils, as well as additional enticements if your Mistress is wearing especially alluring  lingerie, like stockings and garter belts, that accentuates her legs and flatters her thighs and calves immensely increasing the intensity of leg worship.
  • Ass Worship can be practiced in many forms and ways, including your mistress physically balancing herself on your face whilst you give her analingus (rimming) for hours on end, and incorporate smothering kink play.
  • Vaginal Worship  an especially intimate way to worship a Mistress and given to the most special of submissive who are truly orally gifted. If you are lucky enough to be granted vaginal worship privileges, you are a lucky submissive indeed. In female led relationship and marriages this type of worship is widely practiced.



Body Worship Sensual, Meditative and Tantric – Practices


Your Mistress beauty in physical form is most enhanced by her cerebral capability and  intelligence, she uses her appearance to entice and mesmerize you, her voice and her words have a magnetic pull, so ethereal and yet made flash for you to worship and admire. Whether you opt for a beginner level body worship or all the way to tantric meditative long sessions, body worship privileges who are granted to a submissive are a fantastic way to increase intimacies and closeness between your Mistress and  yourself.

Show your Goddess true devotion, body worship her in every way, from head to toe, today. I assure you, as a Mistress myself, I find this area of domination to be highly rewarding and a deep meaningful way to bond with my submissives, creating an intense and pleasurable session.

Body Worship A Goddess Today! You will be very happy you did. And so will your Mistress!