I Want to Kiss You All Over: The Car Wash Girl and Me


My name is Tanner Brooks. I’m thirty-seven, live in Reno, Nevada. I’m a teacher so I was a little hesitant to write this, you know. Don’t want to loose my job or anything.

I’m a normal, red-blooded guy. Teaching is tough, with all the recent budget cuts. I love the kids, so I put it in a lot of extra hours to make sure they get a decent education. Too many bureaucrats, not enough funds where they should be. Sorry. I’ll get off my soapbox.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve been so busy working my butt of, my sex life wasn’t going anywhere. I found myself jerking off more than I’d care to admit and that inspired me to sign up for my first online dating site.

I Want to Kiss You All Over: The Car Wash


I was lucky. Because I’m a teacher and know how to write a paragraph or two, when I posted my description and pictures, I got dozens of responses.

That same day I landed my first date the next night, a coffee date, (dull, I know) at a Starbucks. I had clean clothes so I’d be all right. But my car was a disaster, so I decided to stop at the car wash on my way in to work.

Soak n’ Shine City is the nearest car wash. I drove in, got my ticket, and went inside to pay the cashier while my ride was getting a do-up.

There she was. The sexiest woman I’d ever seen in my life—Heather, her nametag said so. It was pinned over the best set of tits I’d ever seen.

She must have known I had a hard on when it was my turn to pay cause she looked at my bulge, met my eyes and smiled.

“How may I help you today?” she said. Wow, that was a loaded question.

“Wash and wax,” I answered. Was I talking about my car or what my sex starved dick wanted to do to her? She cashed me out, gave me my claim ticket and disappeared on her break.



The After Date


My date that night sucked. The woman talked non-stop like a hyper-charged noise machine. I wondered what the hell the next online date was going to be like, when bam-slam it hit me. Heather— the car wash woman.

I hopped into my car and drove to Soak n’ Shine just in time to see Heather heading toward her car. I drove up, powered down my window


“Hey,” she said.

“Do you,” I stammered like an idiot. “Do you — ”

“Date?” she finished for me. “No.”

My heart and my hard on sank.

Then she asked, “do you want to kiss me all over?”


I Do Want to Kiss You


And that’s how Heather turned me into a body worshipper, her body worshipper.

She invited me over to her place that night, told me to bring along clean clothes to wear and to take a shower before I got there. When I arrived she told me to take off my shoes and ordered me to strip for her. She instructed me to put on the clean clothes that I ’d brought and to stand there and wait for more instructions.

I watched as she teased me by slowly undressing, stripping down to just her panties and no bra. Her bosoms were gorgeous, her skin supple and soft. My hard on bulged in my pants.

Heather talked me through our first session of body worship. She told me how to kiss her, where to kiss her. I started at the nape of her neck, brushing my lips against her sweet smelling flesh. I had to step back and wait after each kiss and ask her permission to move on to the next.

Sometimes she let me kiss her right away, in a heated flurry. Sometimes she teased me and stalled with her answer, making me crazy hot and wanting to kiss her even more. I kissed the rim of her asshole, every inch of her breasts, her underarms and her earlobes.

I started at her feet, traveled the world of her body with kisses, and ended with my lips pressed against her muff with a lick-kiss of her clit. I was about to explode in an orgasm.

“No, not yet,” she instructed.

By the time I was allowed to stop my lips were exhausted but only wanting more. My cock had been hard for what seemed hours. Heather instructed me to stop, put my other clothes back on and leave.

And that’s how we began our relationship. We’ve incorporated more and more into our hot and horny sex life, like orgasm edging and teasing and denial and the like, but that’s a ton of more stories for another day. Let’s just say I’m the happiest, healthiest, horniest teacher at my school and I intend to keep it that way!