Beginner’s Guide to Oral Servitude


Oral servitude Get real. You know nothing feels better to you than having your face pressed against a dripping wet pussy. You love to rub your head in her snatch, you love to smell her pussy when her cum begins to pour from her hole. But most of all, you love to lick and tongue her honey box. That’ s your favorite.

Turning tour affinity for pussy and oral sex into membership in the body worship sub-club of oral servitude may be just the thing for you.


What is Oral Servitude?


As was previously mentioned, oral servitude is a sub club of the fetish of body worshiping, where a person’s pleasure and sexual arousal comes from caring for and worshiping another person’s body parts. It can be a s simple as bathing something from head to toe and revering their body for sexual gratification.

Oral servitude is a bit more complicated and crosses into the territory of sub/dom or submissive/dominant. Oral servitude is where a person services a woman at her pleasure by licking, sucking, or tongue-fucking her vaginal area, including her clitoris and labia.


Oral Servitude in Practice


Depending on the woman you are servicing, oral servitude may start by simply kissing her pussy as she instructs you. Or more intensely, by licking and sucking her to climax or multiple climaxes for whatever extended period she wants.

Remember, oral servitude is at and for her pleasure. Your sexual arousal and sexual pleasure comes only from pleasing her and her pussy.


Below are several ways to begin your practice of oral servitude. It will be hers to enjoy:


Oral Servitude: Tease Me


Part of the enjoyment of oral servitude can be its protracted length of stimulation and intensity. One great component of this is the tease, where the light flicker of tongue and wetness can make her rock on her knees standing up or make her clit quiver while lying down.

A successful tease is where your stimulation leaves her begging, moaning and moving for more. It is a wet kiss of her pussy lips with just the right pressure or a flick of your tongue just inside her hole that has her moaning for you to probe deeper. The tease is the


Lick Me


Licking her pussy is one way you will be asked to orally serve her. Techniques vary in intensity, location and speed. Unless you are directed, licking her pussy should not start out directly on her clitoris. You want to lick a slow-tease, let your tongue flutter up and around the hood of her clit.

Lick along the shaft, pull back on her lips and lick inside, Let your tongue tease her clit directly as your mouth makes its way all around the delicious space between her legs. As you work her with your tongue, increase the intensity of your licking. You may want to flick more with your tongue or be instructed to lick faster. Increase your stimulation and direction until her cum fills your face.


Eat Me and Stuff Your Face


Eating and stuffing is one of the passionate and raw forms of oral servitude. Tenderness and teasing aside, it’s time to eat. It’s time to stuff your face full of her aching hot pussy. So suck it, smash your face against the pubic mons and suck her clit, slide your tongue inside her hole as far as it will take you.

Let the scruff of her pubic fuzz rough up your cheeks. Lick that pussy as fast and furiously as you can. And then she’ll instruct you to stop, to put the brakes on the crazy hot frenzy and bam—she’ll have you start it up all over again!


She is in Charge


To reiterate, oral servitude is about pleasuring your partner to the max and following her instructions. If this is something neither of you have done before be patient and be open. Communication and trust are the bonds between you.

You may her start with simple commands, like instructing you how or where to lick her clit. It may work into more aggressive direction, like her shoving your face into her box or by spanking you if you can’t orally stimulate her to climax. The sexual rules are between you and your partner and again are meant to service both of your needs and pleasures.

Okay, oral servitude slave, stick out that tongue and get serving!

Did you enjoy this how-to beginner’s guide? Give one of our body worship mistresses a call, today!