What is Muscle Worship?


Muscle worship is an oft-overlooked form of body worship.

Bulging biceps. Cavernous calves. Sweat glistening on baby-oiled bodies. These are the delicious visuals of a world filled with toned women and muscular men, a world that would be a muscle worshiper’s dream.


What is Muscle Worship?


Body worship is defined as the practice of physically revering a part of another person’s body for ones own arousal and gratification. Any part of a person’s body can be worshiped, like feet, pussy, breasts, etc. Specific parts of the body or components of the body inspire worshiping sub-clubs of their own and one of those is muscle worship.

Muscle worship is where a person’s sexual arousal and gratification comes directly from physically revering or worshiping of another person’s muscles. Muscle worship is as varied as any other types of body worship. Not every muscle worshiper goes for the Arnold Schwarzenegger body builder look.

You may worship the lean muscles of a long distance runner, or the taut calves of a tennis player. You may get wet worshiping the firm round butt muscles of a wrestler or your cock may get hard worshiping the perfect cut arms of a woman basketball player. There is enough different flavors of firmness, leanness and bulk to for everyone to worship and enjoy!


Muscle Oiling and Muscle Massage


Most muscle worshipers love to oil and massage muscles. It is a foundation point for muscle worship and a sensual way to begin the erotic journey. As always, warm the oil in your hands and caress it over the skin. Part of the worship workup is experiencing the sensory connections a worshiper has with the part or parts being worshiped.

Simply said, how fucking turned-on you feel from your fingers touching the person’s skin. Do your fingers tingle when you oil the firm curve of the person’s bicep? Do your hands come alive cupping over the hard round of the person’s gluts?

Glistening, oiled muscles are an exquisite sight. By worshiping them this way you appreciate and care for them, sure to please the person you are worshiping.

Massage, as part of worship, can be a sensual and sensory explosion. The worshiped muscles almost push back as you knead them, or pressure them with your thumbs and forefingers. Your hands and cock fire up from the resistance. Massage can be a slow worship of the muscles or a heated one, but the element to remember is the worship part.

The way you massage, the extras like oil or lotion you use, all are to revere and appreciate the muscles that are being worshiped. The massage is for the person’s pleasure and it is a delicious benefit that your arousal and stimulation comes from pleasing them.



Muscle Worship: Worshiping From Afar


An interesting element of some muscle worshipers is voyeurism. While traditionally, body worship has been defined by a person’s arousal and stimulation coming form pleasing others, voyeuristic muscle worship is different.

Voyeuristic muscle worship is where the person that is being worshiped actually flexes their muscles and poses for the worshiper for sexual stimulation and arousal. Sometimes it includes the worshiper actually masturbating while the person being worshiped flexes their muscles or poses.

The voyeuristic experience is sometimes enhanced by adding others like a third person who is actually allowed to touch the muscles of the person being worshiped while she or he poses, while the worshiper is not.


Permission to Worship


As with other forms of body worship, submissive/dominant roles in muscle body worship may be a part of the sensual, sexual adventure.

In muscle worship, the person being worshiped may flex, pose, point to specific muscles to be worshiped and then order the submissive, the worshiper, to do it. The person being worshiped may demand to be oiled, massaged, kissed, or licked. Each time the worshiper wants to do anything to the person to pleasure her, he must ask, and not proceed until he gets the permission he seeks.

For many, this type of sub/dom muscle worship is a super-turn on and stimulating as hell. Some find that allowing someone else to be in control of erotic situations is exciting and freeing, you may find you feel that way too, once you’ve checked it out.


Time to Flex


There is something for everyone in the world of muscle worship, a plethora of places, styles, and parts to turn-you up and turn-you on. The presents of sensual pleasure and hyper-arousal that worshipers get from the tight, lean, rounded shapes of flesh we call muscle make it definitely worth your while.