The Art of Sensual Massage


Sensual massage. Everyone enjoys being touched or stroked, having fingers and hands sensually roam over your body finding nooks and crannies of pleasure. Most everyone has also enjoyed a massage in their life, from a feel better head rub from a grandparent to a head-to-toe body exploration during a sexy night of foreplay.

Sensual massage takes what is known and felt as an everyday massage to an enjoyable new level. If your body aches for attention and your libido aches for some sexual relief, a sensual massage is the perfect prescription you need to feel better.


Oils, Lotions and Creams


The sensual massage is a heightened massage, so any extras that work to enhance the experience are desirable. That can include body oils, lotions, body creams and butters. Special linens, pillows, candles and erotica, like adult pleasure toys, can be a plus as well. If you know some of her likes, like what scents arouse her or what textures turn her on, having that as part of your set up will open her up to a more exhilarating experience.

Now that you have the essentials, make the chosen massage space as inviting as you can, and bring her in to begin.


Hands and Fingers


A delicious place to start and a very sensual one is with her hands and fingers. Warm a lotion or oil of your choice and then slowly massage it into her hands. Let your fingers interlock with hers. Spread her fingers and gently massage the web between her digits. Use the round of your thumb to massage the pulpy palm of her hand. Take time and tease a bit if you can. Let her fingers find a way to your mouth while you are massaging her other hand, and tenderly suck them.



Back and Butt


Now that she is relaxed, aroused and ready for more sensual pleasure, it’s time to move on to the inviting places behind; her back and buttocks.

Beginning with her back, let your hands travel down between her shoulder blades, let them linger over her butt crack and return to her shoulders. Brush the nape of her neck and the base of her back with feather light kisses. Goose bumps pop up on her skin and you know you’ve hit the spot!

The sides of her back and the curve of her ass are areas perfect for your fingers to linger. Those delicate touches and strokes will turn your sensual massage into an intensified tease. As you massage down the sides of her back, let the tips of your fingers softly brush against the sides of her breasts. When you massage your way down from her ass crack to her legs, let your finger barely touch her pussy hole. As your fingers massage and tease up and down her back and butt and stray over her breasts and pussy, you will arouse her and sensually pleasure her in a way she has never experienced before.


Legs and Feet


Legs and feet are a sensitive and sensual area of the body. Sensitive nerve endings run over the top of the foot and along the length of a leg. To begin the massage here, there is no better place to start than the sole of the foot.

Knead the ball of the foot with your thumb, massage all the way from the ankle up the leg to her crotch and back. Use the pressure of your fingers and hands as a way to sensually escalate stimulation and arousal.


Sensual Massage: Head and Neck


Chills. That’s what one usually thinks of when describing sensations of the head and neck, the cold goose bumps kind. Neck massage and head massage are the sensual experiences that are filled with that tickle-tingly chills feeling and every sensual massage should include them.

Lightly massage the base of her neck, let your fingers run to the crown of her head and tickle massage all the way down. The goose bumps will pop up from her skin and her turned-on levels rise.


Sensual Massage: The Climax


Anything and everything can be a climatic end to a sensual massage including an actual climax! The end of the massage can be a fiery fuck or additional hours of sensual foreplay. Or once you’ve enjoyed the sensualities and sensations of your own massage, you may want to give back, letting your partner enjoy what you have.

The art of sensual massage as a form of body worship is a fine one and mastering it will allow you to sensually please others and open yourself up to many more stimulating experiences.

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