How to Properly Worship Your Mistress: A Sub’s Helpful Hints


Do you know how to properly worship your mistress?

About three years ago, the most stunning woman walked into the small bookstore I own in Raleigh. Her hair was dark as a raven’s coat, her legs long and silky. Her eyes were a chilling blue and her bosoms, well, the sheer blouse she wore left nothing to the imagination, really.

She needed some help finding books on starting an urban garden, so I escorted her toward the back of the store and pointed out some better ones I’d recommend.

She smiled as she left that day and returned, increasingly later in the day, for the next two weeks. I was definitely intrigued and beyond that, my cock had nothing but complete admiration for her.

On the Sunday of the third week, it was closing to closing and the raven-haired mystery woman had yet to come. It was interesting how disappointed I was. I’d never even learned her name. She always bought a book and always paid in cash.

The last of the other customers left the store at closing time and I cashed out, tidied up and then locked the door behind me. I was surprised to find her waiting for me in the back parking lot standing by my car.

“How about a drink,” she asked?



Mistress Flame


Two shots of tequila later, she told me her name, Mistress Flame. Sparks seem to continuously twinkle in her eyes, so I was sure there was good reason for her “Flame” moniker. What fascinated me more was the mistress part. I was soon to learn more.


Worship Your Mistress: Permission to Please


We ended up at her house, don’t ask how because after four shots of that tequila, the “ what” and “ how” of things began to blur. I do know we landed in her bedroom, me in my boxer shorts, she naked on the bed. My hands were cuffed behind my back.

“I want you to pleasure me with your tongue. You may ask permission.”

“I, uh, do I have permission to lick your pussy?”

“Mistress,”she waited.

“ Sorry, I mean Mistress, do I have permission to lick— ”

“ Now!” She demanded.

And that was my drunken, backhanded way into the best sexual relationship I’ve ever had. And still have. But in the beginning, I was a fucking idiot. Mistress Flame was so patient. So I came up with this guide on how to properly worship your Mistress to help other novices out there (and maybe some old-timers) who need a little help. Let’s get started


Remember, She’s in Charge


This is the basic numero uno thing to keep in your head so you don’t fuck up. Your Mistress is the ultimate decider, not you or your dick, so give it up.

Her pleasure is your job. The gnarly ass thing is if you are doing your job right, the pleasure will be all yours as well. You’ll get hard, get horny and get explosive all at her instruction and her command, so go with it.


The Pleasure Principle


The pleasure is all hers and you will derive pleasure by doing it. Worship every inch of your Mistress in every way she directs. From licking the sole of her exquisite feet, to worshiping her dripping wet pussy with your tongue, you live to please and worship your Mistress.

Even a kiss on her neck and a caress of her hand is at her pleasure and instruction. And if you take the time to worship right, exploring sense and stimulation as you worship her, you will be amazed at how exciting and sensual it is for you in the process.


Rough Stuff


Your Mistress deserves the best from you; the best touches, caresses, kisses and cock. You relish her body and want to worship your mistress so you only want to massage her, or flick her nipples, or finger her pussy with the utmost focus and sensuality.

In the heat of her pleasure she may aggressively push your face into her throbbing pussy or climb on top of your dick and ride you. Her fevered passion pleases you and you are praised for your worship.

But if you displease your Mistress, if you disrespect her or fail to get permission to touch her or stroke her, you may be punished. She may masturbate herself and force you to watch just inches from her face as she shows you the right way to do it.


Worship Your Mistress: Tricks of the Trade


A few things you might want to consider for proper worship: scented oils, candles, put thumb pressure on her clit while eating her, twist her nipples and tug on them while you worship her breasts, and eat her ass out once a week.

Welcome to a most enjoyable world of beautiful women and pleasurable worship. I hope I’ve been of some help, to you and your body worship mistress.