What is Queening?


What is queening? Let me tell you.

Drop to the floor. Lay down on your back. Now call that woman of yours into the bedroom and tell her to take off her panties and sit on your face.

Seriously. Do it right now.


I Just Did What?


So, that hot sexual technique you just practiced in the bedroom was queening. Queening, or facesitting as it is sometimes referred as, is officially defined as a sexual practice where one partner sits on or over another’s face to allow or coerce oral-genital or oral-anal stimulation. Historically some people believe queening may have been first documented hundreds of years ago when King George III was sat upon by Good Charlotte in front of their three eldest children, so you are in royally good company in your sexual practices!


Sit on My Face; It’s Play Time!


Queening differs from traditional cunnilingus and mutual oral sex (sixty-nine) in it’s submissive and face smothering nature. The result is not for the dominant woman to actually deprive the person on the bottom of air but rather it is believed that the full-weight body-pressure, moisture, sex odors and darkness one experiences while face-sitting are powerful mechanisms of sexual arousal and stimulation for the person underneath. So there is pleasure to be had both top and bottom!

Queening can be done with the person sitting or squatting over your face while you are on the floor or bed. There are also devices like “squat boxes” and “queening stools,” that are crafted with legs high enough for a person to slide underneath and open so that the other person’s genitalia are exposed for oral stimulation.

Squat boxes are sometimes more ornately built, not unlike a throne with a lower body opening. The partially enclosed throne or chair looks like what it is, but the back end opens up again, for a person to slide under. Some elevated squat boxes actually have boards underneath so the person is in somewhat upright position while orally pleasing the “ queen“ above.



Queening as an Element of the SM/Bondage Community


The S/M, bondage sub-culture of the body worship fetish community is one of exploration, trust, submission and dominance and the rather submissive nature of the queening technique makes it a natural fit.

In a S/M, bonadage context queening is an especially intense form of erotic humiliation. It is also one that includes superiority for sexual gratification.

Queening in the bondage S/M sub-club may also include more aggressive play, where demands or coersion is used to be orally pleased. Handcuffing or other confinement while in a submissive face sitting position is an additional element in S/M facesitting. A submissive person may also be required to orally please multiple people in multiple ways while queening, all at the pleasure and instruction of the person or persons in charge.

The arousal and gratification experience in S/M queening includes the sub/dom nature of the fetish play but may nor concern itself with the arousal or sexual gratification of the person queening. As in any sub/dom sexual interaction, the dom’s sexual experience, arousal and gratification of primary concern.


A Party for a Queen


In recent years, some swingers’ clubs and swingers’ private house parties have hosted face-sitting parties— where queening stools and squat boxes are set up for women and men to basically engage in a musical-chairs adventure of oral sex. A “ saftey monitor” is there with dental damns and hypoallergenic cleaning cloths. Sounds like a party you might want to be invited to, right?

Another type of facesitting event that has gotten some underground play-club attention recently is what some have named “Queen Royal.” It is a very stylized, ritualistic practice of facesitting that goes back to its supposed royal roots where the participants dress in vintage British costumes and have servants that serve the Queen tea, etc., while she royally climbs atop the queening stool and orders her servants to royally pleasure her orally!


Whatever the Pleasure, Remember Queening


Because queening practices may include pleasuring multiple orifices and/or multiple people hygiene is a definite consideration for everyone’s health. Hypoallergenic cleaning cloths, and douches all tools to make the queening experience not only an enjoyable one but also a safe one. And any one of the preparatory tools that you use to keep things clean can be incorporated into the sex play.

Whatever way you choose to dive in to your queening adventure, open your senses and your mouth and enjoy the ride!