Why do I Enjoy Submissive Body Worship?

by Ms. Erika of www.bodyworship101.com

Why do I Enjoy Submissive Body Worship? This is often a topic of discussion in my world, and what is the difference between body worship and submissive body worship. Certainly either term is proper for what we are witnessing, or experiencing but I think there are subtle yet important distinction when adding submissive to the mix.

Are you interested in knowing more about submissive body worship, but are unsure what you might expect? Lets take a look at this very erotic activity. I will discuss body worship in general and why submissive body worship is something I very much enjoy, and I’m sure you would have an equally enjoyable time in partaking!

Body Worship


Body worship is in some variation a part of your typical vanilla love making. Think about it, worship is appreciation, adoration and reverence for a singular body part, or everything between head and toe.

So who wouldn’t enjoy body worship? I certainly appreciate it, I’m the center of attention, being appreciated and pleased. The care and reverence you show through your touch, the heat and moisture from your mouth as you properly pay homage with every ounce of your being, is intoxicating. Bringing us both to erotic planes of existence, the world slips away and I become your focus.

Body worship at its core, speaks to the sexual being in all of us. A celebration of sex and sensuality. Often culminating in sexual satisfaction for both parties. I know many vanilla men who would not hesitate to jump head on, literally, into a nice breast worship session. They also expect the breast worship, or leg worship it to bloom and be carried out to fruition. This is an important point when it comes to submissive body worship.

So what is submissive body worship? Certainly in the above scenario his main focus is Her pleasure. Pleasing Mistress is also the focus submissive body worship. Confused yet? Let me break it down for you.

There are a few prominent energies or modalities when talking about submissive body worship. Submissive body worship is the act of showing deference and reverence for a superior, through worshiping Her body. The power exchange begins with this mindset. Continuing on, Mistress and submissive during proper negotiations discuss the boundaries of the play. It’s within these boundaries Mistress will decide where you travel. You submit to Her directive and desires. You submit.

Submissive Training


Mistress will direct and instruct, right down to the very last detail if She needs to. This will ensure you know exactly how to please Her. Some pets are lucky and get to worship Mistress head to toe. Other pets only deserve, per Mistress, or receive at their own request a certain body part. Femdom Foot Worship is an example of hyper focused worship on one body part.

Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief? You wouldn’t be the first guy to appreciate a bit of direction figuring out the feminine form. Even though every Woman is different there are general rules of thumbs that Mistress can teach you that will go a long way in your bedroom.

The first lesson is to focus on her, follow her lead and only progress when giving the green light or other cues She’s ready for more. In this way, submissive males often do better than those who need to protect their ego, or can only feel good being in charge. The see submission as a weakness.

Ironically enough, I , and many Mistresses feel that it takes a strong man to submit. To let go of his ego, put aside some societal notions to experience something sublime.



Submissive Body Worship Options


The most commonly known types of submissive body worship are these three,listed below. But your journey doesn’t have to end here. It’s just the beginning! I want to know what body part you are most wanting to worship!

Breast Worship- Probably the most popular of all body part worship

Ass Worship- Coming number two on our countdown, one study done on internet behavior shows just as many websites dedicated to the badonkadonk than breasts.

Foot Worship– Not only massaging kissing and adoring them but taking great care of them as well. Pedicures and best when done by your submissive!

Why I Do I Enjoy Submissive Body Worship


After reading all of the above, I think you have a good idea why a Woman would enjoy body worship. But what I enjoy most about submissive body worship is the dedication and reverence you demonstrate , and I receive, what my divine body expects.

You are here, worshiping each part of me as I direct. Your pleasure is derived because you are being obedient, submissive and putting your needs aside. You submit your mind and body to My direction. The end goal is not your sexual release, but to strengthen your bond and dedication to My pleasure.

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