Erotic Body Worship Versus Submissive Body Worship


The fetish world of body worship incorporates many styles and practices as well as various sub-clubs. Body worship itself is generally classified into its two main practices: erotic body worship and submissive body worship. Their differences and some techniques are described below.


Erotic Body Worship


Have you ever wanted to kiss your wife from head toe? Lick every inch of your girlfriend? Does everything about a woman’s body make you quiver with excitement, to the point of you worshiping every touch, every caress, every lick and every suck during a heated session of sex? If this sounds a little like you or a lot like you, you may want to explore the world of body worship—the erotic body worship aspect in particular.

Body worship is defined as any practice of physically revering a part of another person’s body for sensual and sexual gratification. Erotic body worship focuses specifically on the traditional pleasure elements of sensuality, where sexual stimulation and arousal is on an equal basis, nothing is permitted or denied.

Erotic body worship can take the form of a delicious massage, where you warm some scented body oil, pour it on your partner’s back and go from there. Fold the oil into the rounds of her ass. Massage it in.

Your fingers tingle with excitement as you move from her ass to her pussy opening. You slip your finger in, ever so briefly, just as a tease, and move on to the silky soft flesh of her legs. Every sensation, every curve, every toe, stimulates and excites you and your worshiping gets her soaking wet and eagerly waiting to be fucked.

Erotic body worship can be a completely oral journey as well. Start it out with slippery wet kisses on her lower back, traverse up her spine and end at her earlobe. You can explore every crevice and every opening of her body this way, worshiping the body whole, or making pointed stopovers, like at her breasts or her feet.

Lick her nipples, suck them, playfully tug and pull them and then lick them again. Worship them like they should be more minutes, even hours. Let your exploration grow your dick to a rock hard rocket and keep it there, by sensually stuffing her as much of her breast into your mouth and sucking like crazy.


Submissive Body Worship


As in erotic body worship, the focus is on the body or body parts of the person you are worshiping. The principle difference is in the way it is handled. In traditional forms of erotic body worship, there is complete free reign of where and how the body is worshiped. In erotic body worship, the focus also is on the sensuality and the lead in to a building gratification.

The point of submissive body worship may be no gratification at all for the body worshiper whatsoever. Where in erotic body worship, the worshiper may be in complete control, in submissive body worship, the person being worshiped is the dominant force; the person in control, and the worshiper is the submissive.

In submissive erotic body worship, there are various techniques and degrees of submissive/dominant (sub/dom) interaction. Between husband and wife or other couples, it may be as light as asking permission. If you are the worshiper, every time you touch her, or want to worship any of her body with your hands, tongue or dick, you must ask permission. And she must grant it, or you can’t worship her that way.

She can also order you to do things, like order you to lick the soles of her feet, or to lick her pussy, or to fondle her breasts. There is plenty of latitude for you to explore the sub/dom element of body worship in any way you are comfortable with.

Sub/dom body worship can escalate into more role-defined interactions, where the sub is humiliated as part of the sexual arousal.

In addition to not being allowed to touch, such, or fuck the body you wish to worship, you will be punished if any part of your body worshiping displeases your domme. Punishment may be by spanking or by being restrained. With some of these additional arenas of submissive body worship, the domme may be more aggressive. Instead of instructing you or guiding you to pleasure her in a particular way, you may be coerced. Instead of slowly licking her pussy as part of her body worship she may slam your head into her crotch and demand you eat here. She may pee on you when you tongue her to climax. She may tie your hands and make you watch as she grinds her pussy over your face and finger-fucks herself orgasm.

Whatever area of body worship you choose to explore the sexual experiences awaiting you are exciting and endless! Even submissive body worship can be erotic body worship if you and your body worship mistress wish it to be.