Submission and Body Worship


Submission and body worship go together to make the perfect way to serve and pleasure your femdom mistress.

A simplistic definition of body worship is the practice of physically reverencing a part or parts of another person’s body. Body worship also includes a large group of sub-clubs of body worship, for example: breast worship, foot worship, hand worship, and ass worship. Some people practice body worship in the privacy of their homes.

Others go to sex clubs or events where they can share their fetish with a group of people. Clearly the world of body worship has fluid boundaries to include all people and all types of body worship pleasure.

Submission is popular element of the body worship world. It is where the worshiper willingly puts him or herself in the submissive position and at the instruction and discretion of the person being worshiped. What distinguishes general body worship from submissive body worship is the submissive/dominant delineated roles and often more aggressive nature of the play

During sub/dom body worship play, touching, caressing and other forms of sexual arousal and stimulation are controlled. Humiliation is a key element in the arousal experience. If letting others take charge and guide you to climax excites you, this may be an area of submission and body worship that will rock your socks off.


A Body Worshiping Slave


Once you accept being the submissive, you are a body-worshiping slave. Your primary job and responsibility during the body worshiping experience is to pleasure the one being worshiped, focusing only on that and not your own pleasure or stimulation.

If pleasure comes, it is as a result of massaging, stroking, sucking, licking, fucking and otherwise pleasuring the one being worshiped.


Submission and Body Worship: She’s in Charge


The thing to remember, with submission and body worship, is that your Mistress or the person you are worshiping is ultimately in charge, not you or your horniness. Her pleasure is your job.

The gnarly ass thing is if you are doing your job right, the pleasure will be all yours as well. You’ll get hard, get horny and get busy at her instruction and cum-mand!


The Submissive Pleasuring Role


The pleasure is in the submission. Worship every inch of the person who are worshiping as she directs and commands. Instead of jumping in and giving her a worshiping foot massage or hand massage, you wait for her instruction or ask permission to begin worshiping.

In one way, it can also enhance your sexual stimulation, not knowing what will be asked of you next. In another, it can be stimulating and turn you on simply because you are not in control.

From worshiping her wet pussy with your tongue to a kiss on her neck or caress of her hand, the decisions of how, when, how long and how intense are all made for you. It is at her pleasure and instruction. It takes focus and mastery to be able to be a sub, and if you worship her right, exploring and stimulating as you are directed, you will be surprised at hot and horny it makes you.



Some Things You May Be Asked to Do


As a submissive, you may be asked or instructed to do anything and everything from your mistress or the one you are worshiping. Some of those things are: to worship her pussy.

Spread her pussy lips, flick her clitoris with your finger and fuck her with your tongue. Others may be to kiss her feet, worship her breasts, or watch her masturbate.


The Rough Stuff


The person you worship, be her a Mistress or not, deserves only the best from you. That means the best touches, the best tongue-action, the best fondling, the best kisses and the hardest cock you can give her.

But if you are not up to snuff, if you disobey her direction, forget and instruction, or proceed without permission, or displeasure your Mistress or person you are worshiping in any way, you may be punished.

She may masturbate herself and force you to watch, spank you, or humiliate you, or make you follow her instruction or command over and over again, just inches from her face as she shows you the right way to do it.


Submission and Body Worship: Enjoying the Submission


Allowing yourself to be in a submissive, not-in-charge position, opens you up to a wider range of sensual and sexual pleasure, so go on, get down on your knees at her feet and wait for some hot and heavy commands.

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