Beginner’s Guide to Body Worship


You love body worship, which is why you need this Beginner’s Guide to Body Worship!

First it was boobs, then asses, and now; earlobes, feet, hands, legs and lips. Are you feeling like a freak? Every part of a woman’s body seems to be getting your cock rock-hard these days. You are fascinated with every inch of every woman you have sex with one. What the hell is going on?

Body Worship. You are not alone, my friend. Welcome to the fetish world where individuals physically revere and are sexually aroused by a specific part of part of another person’s body


Where Do I Start?


Like in an ice cream or candy store, check out the flavors! Open yourself up and explore what you are comfortable with. As with any broad category like body worshipping, it is only the sum of its parts. There are sub clubs of body worshipping, like foot worshipping (podophilia); breast worshipping (mazophilia); and ass worshipping (including anilingus), etc.

In practice, your body worshipping may include a little bit of everything or only some, like a deal meal. Body worship techniques are practiced on differing levels, styles and intensities. Some practice body worship in the privacy of their own homes with a single partner while others travel to clubs, adult play dungeons or events where they can share their fetish with a large or intimate groups of people.

Body worship is also an integral element of the bondage, S/M community. Body worship in this arena may include submissive posturing, erotic humiliation as well as sub/dom erotic roleplay.

Choose the “what” and “how” of what is comfortable with you and begin.



Guide to Body Worship: Ways to Ease In


One of the more simplistic, sensual, ways to ease into body worship is bathing. Bubbles, a washcloth and a person willing to be worshiped is all you need.

Body worshipers who regularly use bathing as a form of body worship feel the preparation for the bath is as much a part of the worshiping as the bathing itself. Water temperature, texture of the washcloth and towels, everything to be used needs to convey worship and reverence for your partner’s body. Bath salts, oils are candles are delicious additions.

Gently guide your partner into the bath, letting the ripple of warming liquid wash over her body as you slide her in. Begin with a caressing wash, using your hands or the washcloth, letting the water pour over her body. Let it wash her shoulders and over her nipples. Pamper, caress and care for her. Your strokes and caresses should cover every inch of her; her pussy, her nipples and her ass. Sensually arouse her to a climax.

If getting in the shower or tub doesn’t do it for you, begin with a simple erotic massage. What makes this different from your usual scrub and rub is the time you take to appreciate and worship every inch of your partner’s body. Be generous with your time of massage and the oil, let your hand linger on her nipples, her ass crack and clit. And it doesn’t have to stop with your hands, appreciate her with your tongue a little, too!


Ready to Pick Your Flavor?


So are you ready to get specific? Did you discover during your body-worshipping bath that you really have a thing for her ass and you get crazy horny just thinking about rimming her asshole?

Then it’s time to treat specific areas of her body now with the same sensual intensity and sexual attention that you gave her body as a whole. That should be easy enough. If it’s her ass you like try washing it, massaging it, spanking it, slapping it, pinching it, licking it, or fucking it.

If it’s her breasts that turns your dick into the world’s biggest hard on try washing them, massaging them, licking them, sucking them, piercing them, tying them up, tickling them, putting bras on them and taking them off, and surrounding them with your penis and fucking them.

If it’s her feet making you want to explore every inch of her toes, try licking them, kissing them, sniffing them, sucking them, tickling them, clean them, trampling with them, shoeplay, or a foot job—where a person stimulates a man’s penis to orgasm with her feet.


Submissive/Bondage Body Elements of Body Worship


What distinguishes general body worship from bondage/SM techniques of body worship is the submissive/permissive and sometimes intensified nature of the play.

During sub/dom body worship play, touching, caressing and other forms of sexual arousal and stimulation are controlled. Humiliation is a key element in the arousal experience. If letting others take charge and guide you to climax excites you, this may be an area of body worship that will rock your socks off.

With this Guide to Body Worship, you have now covered enough of the basics to jump in and get started, so enjoy!


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