What is Foot Worship?


You would think Foot Worship would be self-explanatory, but still the question is asked: What IS Foot Worship and how is it a part of Body Worship? Let me answer that for you.

Foot Worship: How Does it Begin?


Where did someone… you… get your desires for women’s feet? The answers are as individual as the number of people with the fetish.

For some, it was when they tried on their girlfriend’s shoes, first smelling them, maybe trying them on, often masturbating in them. What’s interesting is a shoe fetish often leads to a foot fetish.

Did you find yourself looking at women’s feet when you were on the subway? In restaurants? Did you happen to walk by the shoe department in stores just to take a gander at women’s feet as they tried on shoes? And then, did you wish you could be the salesman, touching those feet… maybe caressing them? How great would it have been to help the feet slip into lovely leather shoes?

I bet then you fantasized about getting on the floor and sitting those feet in your lap, touching them, keeping them high on your thighs while you touched every crinkle in her toes. You would have traced her jewel-like toenails with the pad of your forefinger, then slid your finger down towards the base of the toes. Is this how you found your desire for women’s feet?

Foot Worship Types


The idea that there could be several types of foot worship has to be a confusing one, but I will lay things out easily and completely. Sit back, take your shoes off and put your feet up as we talk with each other.

Dirty Feet


For those who love dirty feet, you are in a category of your own. I love to give you what you want by walking around in shoes wearing stockings on a hot Florida day, making sure to build up the sweat in my shoes, the muskiness on my feet.

I love when we go into the dark, cool living room and you sit on the floor, ready to worship the part of my body you want most: my feet. How you take my shoes off, one by one, then help me get the stockings off, sliding them down my legs. Are you kissing my thighs, too? Naughty boy.

I sit back and stretch my aching feet out as you begin the ritual cleansing of my feet with your mouth, your lips and your tongue. I love feeling you take meticulous care to lick every millimeter of my foot and toes, getting every grain of sand, every piece of dirt, every droplet of sweat, off my feet and into your mouth. I look down and see you are in heaven.

Clean Feet


For the clean feet fetishist, there is nothing better than freshly washed tootsies. It can be glorious to do it yourself, making sure your woman is relaxed and resting comfortably in her overstuffed chair. You would use a soft natural sponge with gentle soap in a huge basin of warm water with flowers floating in it.

What woman wouldn’t love to be pampered this way? The way you would wash her feet, but still run your thumb over the skin, making sure the soap is rinsed off. You would dry her feet with a soft towel warm from the dryer and then, I can see you now, begin kissing those soft toes, the arch, the heel. I know you would suck on each toe, wouldn’t you? You would honor her, worship her, with your tongue, giving her the attention she needs and desires… the attention only you can give.

One Step Forward!


There are other types of Foot Fetishes, too. I will explore those in other essays. For now, watch me wiggle my toes for you! What people most think of is someone kissing another person’s foot, usually a man kissing a woman’s foot. That is the most common dynamic. Is that you?

Are you one of those that watches women walk in public, noticing their shoes and wishing to remove them so you can lick their feet clean? Or do you prefer clean feet? It isn’t unusual to have the desire for either one… clean or dirty. No judgment on someone else’s kink if you are one or the other.