Worshiping my Goddess Molly


I love worshiping my Goddess Molly!

I stopped at the Walmart the other night, picked up some bath oils, some pretty smelling candles and a body cream that is mostly made of Shea Butter, something the female cashier said was special.

I loaded up my bags and drove straight home to Provo. Molly, my girl, was supposed to make it back home around two in the morning, so I wanted to first off, still be awake when she got there and secondly, I wanted to have everything set up just right.

Molly and me, I’m Jake, well we’ve been fooling around now for going on four years. And for someone like me that’s a fucking lifetime. I mean, settling down just wasn’t my taste of whiskey, if you hear what I’m saying. But there is definitely something crazy special about Molly. I have to admit, I worship every inch of that woman. To me, she is a fucking goddess.

So last week, I was surfing the Internet and got lost looking up stupid things on Wikipedia when I suddenly started thinking about Molly. I got hard right away. I was thinking about her titties and her bubble ass, and how wet and tight her pussy is, and the whole Molly is a goddess thing popped into my head.

So I looked it up and it linked to the sex thing called body worshiping, and shit, that was me! So ever since then I’d been cooking up an erotic body worship night for my goddess, Molly. All I can think about are ways to worship my Goddess!


Worship My Goddess: What’s All This?


When my Molly walked in after work, the lights were low, something sexy was playing on the mp player and the bathtub was waiting.

“What is all this?” she asked me.

“This is how much I worship you.”

I kissed her on the lips, handed her a full glass of wine, and led her into the bathroom. I stripped off her clothes and helped her into the tub for her body worship bath. She slid in under the coat of bubbles covering the water. My dick got hard watching her nipples poke up out of the water, glisten in the candlelight.

I started with worshiping her feet. I massaged them, kissed them, licked them and worshiped her feet like they were a part of a goddess that they were. I moved on to her buttocks, her breasts, massaging, licking, and sucking until her pussy flowed an underwater orgasm. We were done in the bath. I caressingly dried her off and guided her into our bedroom.


I Am Your Body Worshiping Slave


I helped her onto the bed, took off her robe then stripped down to nothing myself. My hard on was waving in the wind, ready to explode. It was hard to hold back.

“I am your body worshiping slave,” I told her, “order me to do whatever you want me to, to better worship you, my goddess.”

To be totally honest, Molly didn’t know quite what to make of it at first. She sat up a little, looked at me before she relaxed back onto the bed. Molly spread her legs.

“I order you to worship my pussy.”

I walked over to the bed, and worshiped as I was told. I began by spreading her pussy and flick-stroking her clitoris with my finger. Molly moaned a little and then she ordered me to use my tongue.

I got down on my knees and stuffed my face into her wet crotch. I started slowly by teasing her hole with my tongue, then licking all around. I pressed the tip against her clit, flicked it, then flutter licked all the way down to her hole.

“Now fuck me with your tongue.” I rolled my tongue, forced it as deep inside her pussy hole as it would go until she came on my face. She pushed me away then sat up on the bed. Molly pulled my hand onto her breasts and ordered me to fondle them as I jerked myself off. The more I twisted her nipples the more my body rocked with heat. I quickly exploded in an orgasm, cum spilling onto the sheets.

“You came too fast,” she said, knowing all along that I would. “For punishment, you must worship my feet.”

She stood on the floor, watching me as I crawled all around her kissing and licking every inch of her feet and toes until my lips were raw, but my horny soul was on fire. When my mouth could barely move, she ordered me on top of her to worship her pussy with my dick and we rode each other into a furious explosion of cum.

Today we’ve scheduled a once a month date for me to worship my Goddess Molly as she should be. But for me, I worship Molly every day anyhow, so showing her is just icing on the cake. I love to worship my Goddess!

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