Body Worship for Married Couples


Body worship for married couples can be the spark to reignite an otherwise humdrum sex live. Face it. When you are a married couple, over time, sex can get a little predictable. He gets horny after his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition arrives in the mail or he wins the Super Bowl pool at the office. She gets horny at Christmas and Valentines Day and the like.

So getting back to the basics, by worshiping each other and each other’s bodies, might be the best place to start.


Easy Does It – The Massage or The Bath


If you and your spouse are newbies to the fetish world of body worship for married couples, or maybe you both already have an affinity for the other’s one particular body part, you might want to start with one of the kinder, gentler, easier, softer ways of worshiping each other’s bodies—a sensual massage or an erotic bath.

A suggestion is for you to decide before you begin who might be the focus of the body worship for that night. Or if you are frisky and willing, you can make a double body worship night. But for when they first start, focus is better left on way.

If you are to worship him or her, begin either the bath or massage with as much attention to the preparation as you will give to the person’s body. Select oils, candles, towels and creams, based on pleasuring the person to be worshiped the best way that you can.

Moving on to the bath or massage itself, every inch of the worshiped body should be explored. If it’s her, kiss, lick and massage her feet. Knead the soles of her feet under the water. If it’s him, massage his shoulders with warm oil, lick his back, kiss it, let your breasts brush against it.

There a millions of intoxicating ways to massage or bathe the his or her body to a pleasurable feast. Remember to take time, keep it slow, relish every step of the way, so the person you are worshiping truly experiences how much they are worshiped and appreciated.


Body Worship for Married Couples: Get Specific


To increase the intensity of the body worship for married couples and bring it to a different plateau, the place to begin is to specify. Once you’ve done an overall massage or bath of introductory body appreciation, hone in the one particular body part that you want to worship most of all.

If it’s him, it might be his ass, or his feet. It could be his cock, or maybe just his balls. If it’s her perhaps it’s her hands that call out to be worshiped; or maybe her breasts or her pussy. Whatever part or area of the body it is, for the next minutes or hours, the worshiper’s only focus is to worship that body apart and pleasure the person in the process.

Techniques for worshiping his ass might include massaging it, spreading it and blowing warm air at his pucker hole. You might want to worship his ass by licking it, spreading his ass cheeks and burying your face in his crack. He may have asked you to finger his as during sex before, so worship him with gentle slide of finger in his hole.

Techniques for worshiping her breasts might include massaging them, licking them, sucking them and fucking in between them. Once you have worshiped them by flicking the nipples, sucking her areolas and kneading in your hands, worship them by spreading them apart and lubricating them with silky-warm oil. Stand over the breasts you are worshiping and slide your cock in-between them. Squeeze her breast mound around your cock while you slide up and down fucking them. Twist her nipples and hump the both of you to an explosive body worship orgasm.


Introducing the Submissive Element


Another approach that differs from traditional erotic body worship for married couples is submissive body worship. Submissive body worship means the worshiper is in a submissive position to the person being worshiped. The worshiper is not the one in control of what body worship acts are performed. Stimulation, gratification and sometimes punishment are at the sole discretion of the person being worshiped, the “dom.”

Trust is a major component when exploring this form of body worship. One way to begin is to allow her to order what worshipping acts she wants performed on her, like oral sex (oral servitude) or breast worship. She controls where and what ways to be worshipped by ordering you to perform them.

If it’s him, he may have your worship his penis by giving him a blowjob or by sucking his balls.

Whatever style, techniques and body worship circumstance you chose opens the two of you up to a more sensual, fulfilling and connected sexual relationship.