What is Tantric Body Worship?


Tantric body worship- what is it and what does it mean?

People that only vaguely know of Tantric practices automatically assume it’s all about the sex, and to a degree, that’s true. Interestingly enough, though, Tantric massage also has physical and spiritual benefits unrelated to sex.

In addition to an amazing sexual experience, Tantric Body Worship also has another purpose: to awaken the Kundalini, a powerful energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. It radiates upward from the spine and accelerates the body’s capacity to heal itself. Other purposes include activating the chakras, sensitive points along the spine that are the body’s center of energy.

Overall, Tantric Body Worship helps facilitate a body’s physical, emotional, and mental healing. And it is still fantastic for sex!


The Tantric Body Worship Experience


The act of giving a tantric body worship massage is a very intimate act. It can leave the receiver very vulnerable and very spent from the sexual experience. Because of the trust and openness that Tantric body worship requires, it is important the worshiper is someone the one being worshipped is very comfortable with.

What differs about Tantric Body Worshiping is the receiver, the person being worshipped. Unlike other forms of body worship, the only job of the receiver is to relax, breathe, stay present and focus only on the touch and stimulation being offered. It is believed by doing this, that the receiver will release stress, feel more alive and enjoy a deeper sensual and sexual sense of self.


The Giver


During Body Worship Tantra, the worshiper (or giver) has a main job of touching, stroking, caressing and stimulation the receiver in a way that principally feels good to the giver, another way it differs from some other forms of body worship.

It is the Tantric belief that if we touch, stroke or otherwise stimulate another person the way we would like to be touched that it actually feels better to them.



Tantric Techniques


Generally, Tantric practices focus on the sensual side of the sexual equation; touch, caress and prolonged stimulation are the cornerstones of a Tantric sexual experience, something that is also the case in Tantric Body Worship.

To begin, the body worship setting should be prepared to be most conducive for the pleasurable experience about to come. Candles and soothing or tranquil music are suggested. Comfort and a clutter-less massage space are also encouraged.

A suggested way to begin body worship tantra is with the receiver’s hands. Stroke and massage them the way you would enjoy having your hands cared for. Left your fingers run up and down the receiver’s. Sensually work the fleshy part of the palm and the tender space in-between the fingers

The feet are another sensitive area for Tantric body worship. Massage the ball of the foot with pointed pressure from your thumbs. Continue a sensual pressure along the sides of the receiver’s foot and in-between their toes. This particular is known to be a particularly sensual, so linger longer to better enjoy.

Moving on, the back is the Tantric center. It is thought to be the central area for sensual and sexual activity, for strength and synergy as well. So take your time and let yourself really feel the sensations of your hands and fingers on her beautiful flesh. Worship the flat of her back down to her spine and over her chakra points.

Enjoy the sensation and sensuality as your fingers travel along the sides of her back and tease the pulp of her breasts. It is surely as exciting, as sensual as an experience for her as you perform tantric body worship, as it is for you.