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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-730-3410

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You may not realize it but forms of body worship happen all the time. From whole body appreciation to particular preferences in a singular body part.

A foot fetisher is a common image some may conjure up when someone mentions body worship. You also have your ass men, your boob men, leg men. You name it. There is a guy out there that is obsessing over it.

Body worship is a very popular activity in the bedroom even in a vanilla scene. His soft praises of your tush, your breasts, as he seduces you. Perhaps he loves to pamper you with spa treatments or even offers to do the pedicure himself!

Body worship ranges in style and purpose. Maybe you want to call, let me sit back, while you explore my body for a while and pleasure yourself. I enjoy those calls, telling me about your dirty thoughts when you look at me. So hot!

Typically, in a Femdom arena, body worship is used to further the bond with their sub. What better way for your sub to show their utter devotion than to learn to love and become aroused with every square inch of his Mistress. So hot and sexy to condition the sub to pamper, adore and become intimately knowledgeable about every part of her body. Of course breasts, legs, ass and feet are the basics and easiest to condition for the sub brain. Sexual hot buttons, if you will.

Advanced body worship comes with the complete commitment and conditioning of the sub. How hot it is for me to have you become sexually charged, just by gazing at, caressing, licking and kissing my less than sexual hot buttons. My belly button, elbow or nape of my neck.

Learning how to please your mistress is paramount. Therefore a regime of body worship can only help you further your submission, show your devotion and solidify your commitment to your relationship.





Sessions are 2.75 per minute with a mimimum of 10 minutes. 18+ only. Block sessions are available for $150. Please see the "Sessions" section on the menu at the top of this page for more information on sessions, billing, and alternate payment methods.