Ten Ways to Worship Her Body


You need to worship her body, show your appreciation for her beauty.

She is the most beautiful woman in the world and you desire her in a way you have never desired anyone before. Every delectable morsel of her, from her eyelids to the soles of her feet, is a total turn-on. So there is nothing more to do but worship her.

Ready to begin?

What is Body Worship?


Body worship is defined as the practice of physically revering a part of another person’s body for ones own arousal and gratification. Any part of a person’s body can be worshiped, like feet, pussy, breasts, etc.,

Specific parts of the body inspire worshiping sub-clubs of their own, such as leg worship, and foot worship.

Below are ten ways to worship her body:

1. Paint Her Nails

Wash her fingers and toes. Dry them. Pick out a color that pleases her and carefully paint her toenails and fingernails. You know it will get you hard painting that rich red enamel over her nails.

2. Cover Her Body With Lotion

Take off her clothes and spread her on top of the bedcovers. Warm the lotion in your hand, then slowly pour it on her back, the stretch of her legs, the curve of her buttocks. Caress and worship the flesh. Work the lotion deep into her skin, turning her flesh into a silky soft blanket of ecstasy.


3. Massage Her

Pleasure her with your hands. Carefully massage and caress her body from head to toe. Let your fingers feel along her rib cage and down the smooth lean of her legs. Work out her knots and work in the sensuality. Ask her if it feels good as you rub the spasm from her back. Listen to her guidance as you massage the soles of her feet. Your cock throbs as you massage her shoulders and worship her back.

4. Lick Her Feet Clean

This isn’t a suggestion for you to clean her feet after she’s walked through a vat of mud. But it is to suggest that your licking, biting, sucking and kissing, her feet clean will convey just how much you worship her, even the part of her body that covers the most ground and gets the dirtiest.

So “clean” her feet by licking along the sides while she stands, over the top of her foot. Kiss and lick in between her toes. Gently lift her foot, and lick and kiss along the sole. Show your appreciation through foot worship.

5. Bathe Her

Worshipers who bathe their partner as a form of body worship include bath preparation as part of the process, too, so water temperature, bath salts, and washcloth texture are integral elements.

Help her into the bath, lather her up or wet her body. Then move to each area and worship it separately with the washcloth, with warm streams of bath water, or with your lips. It’s up to your creative imagination to decide how best to serve her body as she enjoys the tub water.

6. Cover Her Body With Kisses

A tender, tease way to worship her is to cover every bit of her with a kiss. You can cover feet in a flurry of kisses, or cover her breasts in slow, deliberate ones. Your lips can linger over her pussy lips and they can flutter over the rounds of her ass. It’s all in how you kiss her, the location you kiss her, and how many kisses.

Vary the kisses, change the pace and intensity. The pleasure will be both of yours.

7. Worship Her Breasts

Breast worship, or breast partialism is a large sub-club of the fetish world of body worshiping. Clearly, a lot of people love boobs!

Beautiful breasts can be worshiped by feeling them, licking them, sucking them, exposing them or tying them up. Use lotion, body oil or body butter, if you are feeling them. Caress it into her flesh. Pinch and twist the nipples. Let your hands rub and linger where they are luscious. Sucking and licking them comes quite naturally to most, so dive right in. Flick her nipples with your tongue, or tug on her tit with your teeth.

8. Worship Her Ass

Massage her back side, slide your hands over her buttocks. Splash on some oil. Kiss and caress her thighs and ass cheeks. Spread her cheeks and blow warm breaths over her asshole. Or lick the pucker of her asshole with your tongue.

9. Orally Worship Her Pussy

Push your face up into her mons and lick and suck her to cum ecstasy. Slide your tongue in and out of her hole, suck her clitoral shaft, tug at her labia with your teeth.

10. Worship Her Body With Your Dick

Let her know the service of your dick is hers. Let it tickle her pussy, slap at her nipples, lubricate the crack of her ass, and stimulate the tunnel of her vagina. However she wants it, wherever she wants it, her beautiful body gets it.

There you have it, ten ways to worship her body. Ready to begin? Give one of our body worship mistresses a call, today!