I Love to Worship My Goddess


I love to worship my Goddess! She is so beautiful. Not just in the sense that you see a woman and appreciate her, but in the sense that she truly is a goddess. Femdom body worship isn’t something I ever really thought about or knew much about, until I met her and then it was all I wanted to do.

If you aren’t a man who has experienced this kind of beauty you are truly missing out. There is a time and place for everything and when you meet a Femdom, you learn that worshipping her is always appropriate.

This is something that happened to me without my going out and looking for it. We met by accident, though I now see that accident as fate stepping in and introducing me to the most amazing woman ever.


Meeting my Goddess


It was raining, there’s nothing unusual about that in the middle of October on the east coast and the day had been average up until that moment. I left my office a little early, thinking I’d stop by the store and maybe pick up something for dinner instead of going out as I usually did.

There were so many people, standing under umbrellas, racing through puddles to their cars, trying to avoid being splashed when someone drove by or just huddled under the awnings of stores lining the street, waiting for a break in what had become a down pour. I ducked into a coffee shop, planning to wait it out a bit and promptly slipped on the wet floor.

I went down, fast and furious. I was more angry than embarrassed in the crowded shop, but that went away quickly. There was a moment and then I realized right in front of my face was the most amazing long, gorgeous pair of legs I’d ever seen.

My eyes were already starting on their Femdom body worship my brain just hadn’t caught up yet. But it wasn’t far behind, as I tilted my head back and up, looking up at her, sitting in the chair gazing serenely down at me as I quietly worship my Goddess with my eyes.

She didn’t even look damp, while the rest of us were soaked. She just sat, drinking her coffee, long delicate fingers wrapped around the paper cup, her lips looked full and soft against the lid. That was when she smiled, just a little and I knew I was hooked for good.



I Worship My Goddess All Night and Day


There hasn’t been a day that went by since that moment where I haven’t thought of her and tried to see her. Sometimes she allows me to come over, if I ask nicely and show up at the precise time she specifies. Then she will see me and let me see her. Her body is all beautiful curves and soft valleys that I gaze at longingly. B

eing a Femdom, body worship isn’t something new to her, she has many slaves who ache to be with her and look at her body. She says I’m special though, because I get to see her naked once a month.

What makes me special? Well it’s the fact that I want to worship my Goddess and all of her amazing body. She knows many men who adore parts of her, but I am devoted to worshiping her entire self.

Femdom body worship for me is about starting at her toes and moving up over those perfectly arched feet to her legs, impossibly long and perfectly shaped legs I might add. I’m not a man who just wants to sit and worship her feet or have her show me those legs, though I do love them, I want to enjoy and worship them as a part of my Goddess. I love to worship my Goddess!


My Goddess Excites Me


Her curves excite me, from buttocks to waist to her large full breasts. Every part of my Mistress deserves to be worshipped. And she enjoys it as well. She is a true Femdom. Body worship is something she enjoys and will take off all her clothing and stand before me, instructing me on which part of her I am allowed to worship at that time.

Sometimes it is only her feet, other times just her breasts, and I can gaze only at what she says I can. Of course, I mess up often, because I want to stare and worship all of my Femdom, but that’s okay, punishment is fun sometimes, too.

If you have never tried Femdom body worship, I have to tell you that you are missing out on a truly amazing experience. Whether you worship her whole self of just the parts that most turn you on, finding a goddess of your own is important and you won’t regret it. I love to worship my Goddess!

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