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Body Worship Is The Ultimate Pleasure

I know you've been fantasizing about my body. You've been looking at my photos and wondering if I might allow you to worship me; haven't you? I can imagine how hard your cock must be getting at the very sight of me. Your breath catching in your chest as you notice the shapeliness of my breasts. I even included some photos that were...hmmm...dare I say, revealing? Did you enjoy those? I do get off on teasing you.

You want to bask in my beauty. In the perfection of my porcelain white skin. You want to feel as 'one' with me; to be as close to me as I will let you. Perhaps I'll only let you look - or will I have you direct your gaze to the floor in my presence? Maybe I'll let my feet rest in your lap when I'm talking on the phone; or will I have you fill your mouth with my toes?

Sensual Massage & Hands On Attention

I imagine you sensually taking your fingertip and lightly connecting the dots between my freckled shoulder blades during a full body massage. Running your finger down my spine to that sweet spot right above my nice round ass. Mmmmmm doesn't that sound like a slice of heaven? Why don't you take your face and place it right at the bottom of my ass; right against my upper in deeply and inhale the intoxicating scents coming from your Goddess. The ultimate in femininity.

My body truly is a wonderland; offering so many servitude locations. One could spend an hour on just one of my calves; couldn't you? My long legs, my breasts, my scalp, neck, back, ass, creamy thighs, shoulders, hands - every inch of me deserves to be worshiped. I expect you to Always, always ask for my full consent and permission during any of our sessions; be it phone or live chat on skype. Negotiated service is always the most respectable type of service.

Queening & Oral Servicing

I'm not a 'hands off' type of Mistress; I appreciate and crave touch! I will demand your hands on attention if it's what I wish from you. For a lucky male; I may even allow you to give me some delicious cunnilingus and oral services. I absolutely love Queening a man (having a seat on your face darling) and can sit that way for a very, very long time receiving multiple pleasures. Dreaming now of the taste of my nectars? I'm more delicious than you could ever imagine.

Perhaps body worship isn't exactly what you're interested in - I offer many different specialties and I'm personally interested in your fantasy (read this blog post or listen to me describe my favorite types of calls). I invite you to call and see what I'm all about. Please take some time to visit my personal blog and fill out my pre-call questionnaire. For a session over 1 hour; I prefer scheduling an appointment (just email me I value our time together and look forward to finding all the right buttons to push!

P.S. - I do offer Live Chat/Sexy Texting sessions via Skype; if you can't make a call but still want to talk live - this is the way to do it! (being on cam is always optional but never required)




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Femdom Body Worship: The Often-Overlooked Parts


by Ms. Sophia of

When the subject of femdom body worship comes up, the observant person will often notice a theme. You’ll see foot worship, leg worship, and ass worship pop up again and again. Pussy worship and breast worship are the other ones that come up regularly in these sorts of conversations.

Rarely, you’ll see someone mention hand worship (and that person will almost surely have a specific fetish for hands). But you don’t see many other parts of a woman’s body discussed when people are talking about body worship, and I think that needs to change!

So with that in mind, let’s talk about some of the often-overlooked areas of a woman’s body when it comes to femdom body worship, also known as Goddess worship.


Worshiping Mistress through Scalp Masssage


If we start at the top and work our way down, the first important area that we come to is the head and scalp. If you’ve ever had your hair washed by someone else, then you surely know how good it feels to have your hair and scalp handled. (If not, I suggest you try out!) Shampooing, conditioning, styling, or even just brushing your Mistress’s hair will feel wonderful to her. Plus, the act of caring for her hair in this way most definitely qualifies as an act of worship because it shows that her health is important to you. (Learning to give skull/scalp massages also falls under this category!)


Giving your Mistress a Neck and Shoulder Massage


Making our way downward, we come to another important area–the neck and shoulders. A woman’s neck is one of those special places that, when touched, can give her feelings of relaxation or arousal, depending on how it’s done. A neck and shoulder massage is a great way to help your Mistress get rid of tension from a long day, particularly if her work or hobbies require her to do lots of bending or slouching. Alternatively, if her neck and the tops of her shoulders are kissed in just the right way, you might find that she’s in the mood for something other than just a massage! (FYI, this also works with ears as well, although they don’t require nearly as much force behind the massage. They do, however, respond well to kisses.)


Giving your Femdom Body Worship Mistress a Back Massage


As we continue downward, let’s stop at her back. Like the head, neck, and shoulders, her back will love a massage! But more importantly, careful exploration of her back will reveal some more of those fantastic erogenous zones.

The spine and the insides of the shoulder blades are erogenous zones for most women. But if you explore her back carefully, you’ll almost surely find more (although they are often unique to each individual woman).


Worship her Stomach and Hips


Don’t forget to worship her stomach and hips, too! You can stroke or kiss her hips both from the back and the front. The areas around the tops of the pelvic bones in the front are particularly sensitive. And most women dislike their tummies, so if you show her that you love it by worshiping it, you’ll definitely bring a smile to her face!

Of course, these are not all of the overlooked areas when it comes to femdom body worship and worshiping a woman’s body. I am only hoping to give you good places to start, rather than a comprehensive guide. Besides, it’ll be more fun for the both of you if you do some exploring on your own and find all those spots she loves having touched yourself!

Give one of our femdom body worship mistresses a call, today!