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Have you ever watched a woman walk? What was it about the way she walked that made you watch her until she disappeared from your sight? Was it her shapely ass, swinging slightly with each step? Was it her beautiful long legs as she made a purposely seductive stride right past you, without even a glance in your direction? Or was it her shoes, her heels...the way they clicked on the pavement and gave her calves that deliciously erotic curve? Did you glance down to see her beautiful painted toes peeking out of her open-toe sandals? I bet you did. All these things caught your attention and took your breath away at the same time didn't they? I know what you crave, your deepest desires. You long to worship this body, these legs, my sweet ripe ass, don't you? Well, I suggest you start by giving me a call and if I'm not available you can e-mail me at Talk to you soon.




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Body Worship with a Massage


by Ms. Constance of

Everyone loves a massage and your Mistress is no exception, but unlike a traditional massage you need to spend time on every inch of her body.


Start at Her Feet


Rub and caress each of her pretty toes worship each toe one by one with a gentle rubbing and gliding your fingers between those toes… work your way to the heel of her foot including the arch and ball of her foot. Do not neglect the top of her foot be sure to rub every little part. The moans your Mistress will let out will let you know just how much she approves of how you are worshiping her feet.


Leg Worship


Now, move your way from her feet up to her sexy legs. Starting at the ankle run your hands up and down to her knees and back, kneading her soft silky skin as you go. Spend time relaxing her calf muscles front and back before moving up to her thighs.

Be careful when worshiping your Mistresses thighs that your fingertips do not touch her pussy, unless you were given permission to worship her pussy by massaging it you may not do so. Work your fingers into the deep tissues of her thighs front and back releasing the tension from them and make your Mistress moan in delight as she can feel those muscles relax and give in to your massage worship.

Ask for permission to massage her gorgeous ass before you do so and if given permission be sure to worship her ass with your fingertips rubbing and sliding them across her taught tight ass. Keep your fingers from wanting to rub that rose bud save that for your tongue when you worship her ass with it later.


Upper Body Worship


Start with the small of her back rubbing with as much pressure as your mistress needs and wants, be sure to rub up her spine all the way to her shoulders caressing and massaging her body as you go up and down her entire back….no you do not get to worship her tits not yet this is reserved for later.

For now your body worshiping is all about easing and releasing any tension your Mistress may have.

Once she is satisfied with her back massage start on her shoulder and arms being sure to rub gently and gliding your hands over those shoulder down her arms to the wrist and right back up again.


Hand Worship


Yes your mistresses hands need to massaged too take her hands into yours and rub starting at her writs working your fingers into her palms and then each finger gently stretching and pulling them.

Place your fingers in between hers and move your hand around in a circular motion this will take away the tension and increase her pleasure as the tightness in her hands washes away.


Neck and Head


Now to finish off this massage worship you can begin to rub her neck stretching out your fingers caressing and rubbing and then move your fingers through her hair and massage her head and scalp. This type of massage worship will leave your mistress with goose bumps all over her body.

When your Mistress is satisfied with the way you have worshiped her body perhaps she will treat you by allowing you to then worship her body with your tongue.


Worship the Female Body


Pay homage to the gorgeous ass of a beautiful woman. Kneel and worship her legs. Leg worship, ass worship, feet worship, and body worship are all respectful, adoring acts which you can engage in with the woman you desire.

Don’t you belong on your knees, giving ass worship and leg worship to a beautiful Mistress? We think you do. Explore your ass worship, leg worship, foot worship and body worship phone sex fantasies with us, at Body Worship 101.


About Leg Worship, Ass Worship and Body Worship


Erotic worship of the female body is an activity enjoyed by both submissive and non-submissive men. Throughout the ages, the female form has been the subject of awe and worship in art, literature, philosophy and more.

As an erotic activity, the act of worshiping the female body, especially that of a Dominant female (or “femdom” or “Mistress”), is frequently enjoyed by many. The “how-to’s” of worship are as widely varied as those who enjoy female body worship.

Each couple will have their own style of body worship, and may have a particular area on which to focus the worship. Frequently, the areas of worship on the female body will be:

Ass worship
Leg Worship
Foot Worship
Full Body Worship

It is common for the worshiper to assume a kneeling position, below the towering female form. This may be one reason why commonly worshiped body parts are often below the waist—which would be eye level in a kneeling position.

With foot worship, the worshiper may have a fetishistic adoration of female feet. Naturally, a position near the feet will be preferable for this type of worship.


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